There are several family scales that are available for use in research projects. A description of the different scales that are available and the cost is listed below. You may download an Order Form for use in ordering materials or feel free to email us at with your questions.

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I. FACES IV Package (Self Report Scales)

  • FACES IV Package
  • Family Satisfaction
  • Family Communication


  • Clinical Rating Scale


  • Circumplex Model Training Package
    Includes the following:
    –Training Manual on Circumplex Types: Family in Films
    –Training Video on Circumplex Types: Family in Films
    (1 month video rental)
    –Clinical Rating Scale (CRS)

    FAMILY SCALES (Self Report Scales)

    FACES IV Package — $95.00
    David H. Olson

    The Family Adaptability and Cohesion Scales (FACES) is a 62-item self-report instrument which assesses the two major dimensions of the Circumplex Model, i.e. family cohesion and family adaptability (flexibility). It is designed to be administered to families across the life cycle. FACES IV has the added scales of Family Communication and Family Satisfaction. Family Communication assesses the third dimension of the Circumplex Model (Communication) and Family Satisfaction assesses how happy family members are with their family system.

    Family Satisfaction — $30.00
    David H. Olson

    A direct method of assessing family satisfaction is the Family Satisfaction Scale. It is a 10-item scale that is designed to measure satisfaction on the dimensions of family cohesion and family adaptability (flexibility).

    Family Communication — $30.00
    David H. Olson and Howard Barnes

    This 10-item self-report scale is a revision of the 20-item Parent-Adolescent scale. The most relevant 10 items were selected and the statements refer to the entire family rather than parent and/or adolescent. The scale has good alpha reliability and norms.


    Clinical Rating Scale for Circumplex Model — $30.00
    David H. Olson

    The Clinical Rating Scale is an instrument that is designed primarily for use by therapists. It can be used to rate the family's behavior on the dimensions of cohesion, flexibility, and communication. The scores are used to plot the family or couple on the Circumplex Model.


    Circumplex Model: Training Package — $50.00
    Susan G. Leach and David H. Olson

    The Circumplex Model: Training Package was developed to assist therapists, educators, researchers and students in developing and/or deepening their understanding of the Circumplex Model.

    The package includes:

    (1) Training Manual on Circumplex Types: Family in Films
    (2) Training Video on Circumplex Types: Family in Films
    (3) Clinical Rating Scale (CRS)

    The Training Manual provides a guide for training individuals on the Circumplex Model and includes descriptions of each video segment and the Circumplex Types they illustrate. The Training Video contains video clips that primarily illustrate the "unbalanced types" on the Circumplex Model. This is because most movies portray more extreme family dynamics which are also more typical in dysfunctional families.